Motion System Design

Flattery will get you nowhere

It's the 87th annual alumni pancake breakfast at Ida-Ore University and Finnagle J. Wurme is on the schedule for kitchen duty. Through a series of events not entirely his fault, however, Wurme sleeps in and arrives just 15 minutes before a record 300 guests are to be served. Wurme knows he'll never be able to make enough pancakes in time to feed the hungry crowd, and in a flash of brilliance decides to combine all the batter in one giant cake. Now he must find a way to carry the 200-lb monster into the dining hall.

Wurme recruits two IOU football players from the practice field, instructing them to hold up opposite ends of a wooden pole. From the center he ties three equal lengths of rope, attaching them around the circumference of a makeshift plate. Everything is working out to plan until one of the support ropes snaps, allowing the plate to tip and the pancake to slide towards the floor. Assuming a static situation and that the two intact ropes carry the same weight, what is the tension in each?

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The winner of this month's problem receives a premium pedometer from Omron Healthcare, Bannockburn, Ill. The HJ-112 calculates the number and duration of a person's aerobic steps. For additional information on Omron healthcare products, visit, or for information on Omron electronics and industrial controls, contact Jen Pulins at (847) 285-7257.

HJ-112 FEATURES: • Calories burned and total distance calculated by walker's weight, stride distance, and number of steps • Seven-day data storage for easy progress monitoring • Accurate step measurement when attached to a belt, in a shirt pocket, or in a bag.

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