Machine Design

Flexible Primer-Free Adhesive

Dev-Thane 5 urethane is a primer-free adhesive for bonding rubber or metal to glass, concrete, and wood.

It also bonds EPS to foam, foam to ABS, and aluminum to aluminum. It cures at room temperature with a tough, flexible bond (200% maximum elongation per ASTM D412) and has 63-Shore-D hardness. The two-part, 100%-solid adhesive has a 15-min fixture time, 5-min pot life, and produces no VOC emissions. When cured, it has a 2,100-psi tensile strength, 400-pli tear resistance, and withstands temperatures to 180°F dry, 120°F wet.

30 Endicott St.
Danvers, MA 01923
(978) 777-1100

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