Machine Design

Flip-Chip Assembly Materials

Two new materials for flip-chip assembly are available. GPC-251A/B is an electrically conductive adhesive and 123-38A/B187 is a thermally conductive underfill epoxy.

Flip-chip assembly replaces wire bonding in the electrical connection of electronic components onto substrates or circuit boards.

The silver-filled GPC-251A/B is an electrically conductive, two-part material that connects the bumps on the underside of circuit boards. The room-temperature-curing adhesive cures in 24 hr at 25°C, 60 min at 65°C, and in 5 min at 120°C.

The123-38A/B-187 epoxy strengthens chip packages by protecting them from moisture while adding mechanical strength. It is designed to release entrapped air rapidly during cure for a smooth, pinhole-free surface.

Creative Materials Inc., 141 Middlesex Rd., Tyngsboro, MA 01879, (800) 560-5667,

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