Machine Design

Flowmeter Provides Three Outputs

The ST75 Series flowmeter measures and monitors air or gas flows, and provides outputs for mass flow rate, total flow, and media temperature.

The unit has a nonclogging sensing element with little thermal dispersion, microprocessor-based electronics, and reduced installation complexity and maintenance. The flowmeter comes in nine configurations between 0.25 and 2 in. (6 to 51 mm) in standard T-fittings, either NPT or tube, for quick, easy in-line installation. It services a wide flow range, from 0.008 to 839 scfm (0.013 to 1425 NCMH) depending on line size, making it well suited for low-flow and high-flow applications.

Fluid Components International,
1755 La Costa Meadows Dr.,
San Marcos, CA 92078,
(800) 863-8703,

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