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Machine Design

Fluorosilicone rubber

F273 fluorosilicone rubber resists high pressures, jet fuels and synthetic turbine lubricants, and temperatures from -70 to 200°C. The material has hardness of 74 Shore A, 858-psi tensile strength, 122% elongation, and 782-psi tensile modulus at 100% elongation. Minimal changes in hardness, tensile strength, and elongation after 70 hrs in 200°C dry heat, after a 70-hr, room temperature fuel immersion, and after a 70-hr, 150°C synthetic lubricant soak meet AMS-7273 requriements for use in aerospace applications.

Simrit, 47690 East Anchor Court, Plymouth, MI 48170, (866) 274-6748, 


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