Machine Design

Four-Axis PC/104 Controllers

NPMC6045A-4104 four-axis PC/104-bus cards control stepper motors and/or digital servomotors.

These controllers incorporate a PCL6045A advanced ASIC motioncontrol chip and come with MS-DOS, C source code, programming library, and Win98/XP/NT/2000 DLL for VB/VC. Some of the main features are max output frequency of 6.5 Mpps, the ability to create many motion profiles and individual or coordinated moves of each axis (moves such as the four-axis linear interpolation, two-axis circular interpolation, or any combination without the need for writing extensive code), and the ability to change speed and position on the fly. Applications include semiconductor, robot, and medical instrumentation manufacturing.

Nippon Pulse America Inc., 1073 E. Main St., Redford, VA 24141, (540) 633-1678,

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