Machine Design

Front-Panel Switches

The Chroma LED front-panel switches have state-of-the-art illumination and come in a wide variety of colors and styles, including toggle, rocker, and pushbutton.

The singlepole, singlethrow switches come with both round and square bezels. The round units snap into place, while the square versions feature a locknut behind the panel for secure mounting. Power ratings are 3 A at 125 Vac and 1.5 A at 250 Vac.

Rocker-style Chroma LED switches are available for low-voltage and powerline applications in rectangular, round, oval, and square styles that either thread mount or snap in. Low-voltage units are rated for 12 Vdc with currenthandling capabilities to 25 A. Power-line versions are rated for 125/250 Vac to 16 A (125 Vac) and 10 A (250 Vac).

Toggle-action Chroma LED switches are available in round and rectangular styles. The round version has snap-in mounting, and the rectangular versions are thread mounted. Power rating for low-voltage parts is 30 A at 12 Vdc, and power-line voltage ratings are 10 A at 125 Vac, up to 6 A at 250 Vac.

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