Machine Design

Gas-pressure regulators

A series of gas-pressure regulators targets ultrahigh-purity and low-particulate requirements in semiconductor-wafer manufacturing. Series 700 is designed for ultrahigh-purity inert or low-hazard gases, such as halocarbons, carrier, and cylinder purge gases. Series 710 uses a poppet connected directly to the diaphragm for positive shutoff. Its tied diaphragm is needed to handle process gases. Features of both series include an onsite adjustable pressure limit, a sealed bonnet to prevent gas leakage in case of diaphragm failure, metal-tometal diaphragm seals for high-leak integrity, and lateral flow passages for complete internal purge. Single metal-tometal seal and isolated thread design prevent particle entrapment.

Concoa, 1501 Harpers Rd., Virginia Beach, VA 23454, (800) 225-0473.

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