Machine Design

Gear pumps

A line of gear pumps from Gorman-Rupp Industries, Bellville, Ohio, are suitable for accurate metering, dispensing, or transferring fluids in medical and instrumentation devices and industrial equipment. The 2000 Series has maximum flow rates of 1.01 gpm, maximum pressures of 240 psi, and maximum fluid temperatures of 180°F. Three different sizes of PPS polymer gears are available. The motor is a nominal, reversible, brush 12 Vdc. All of the gear pumps are positive displacement, self-priming and offer constant flow when rpm and differential pressures are constant.

The external gear pump is designed to pump viscous and watery-type fluids. The driven gear is attached to the motor directly through a gearbox. The driven gear, within a tight tolerance body, rotates an idler gear to complete the pumping process. The fluid passes around the outside of the gears, not between the driven and idler gear teeth. In the direct-drive and gearboxdrive pumps, a carbon face/ceramic seal is used to contain fluids. There are no physical connections required which eliminates the need for a seal. The gear pump design enables the pump to operate in both directions.

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