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Machine Design

Glass-Fiber-Reinforced Resins Replace Metals

Two new grades of glass-reinforced polybutylene-terephthalate (PBT) compounds are alternatives to short-fiber glass-filled PBT, polypropylene (PP), and nylon resins.

LNP Verton WF-7007 and WF-700-10 have long glass-fiber loadings of 35 and 50%, respectively. This enhances toughness, strength, and stiffness over a wide temperature range. These properties, combined with the resins' light weights and good resistances to UV and corrosion, make them an alternative to metal. Applications range from outdoor and consumer gear to a variety of automotive (windshield-wiper arms, side-mirror housings, and handles) and electrical (switches, motor housings, and connectors) components. Low-moisture absorption of the long-glass fibers improves dimensional stability of molded parts and appearance by minimizing migration of fiber ends to the surface of the part.

GE Advanced Materials,
One Plastics Ave., Pittsfield, MA 01201,
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