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Going green

Going green

Sustainability. Carbon footprint. Corporate social responsibility. Are you wondering how today's green jargon applies to engineering? Companies that have signed on to the green revolution — optimizing manufacturing processes and using resources more efficiently — are saving energy, reducing waste, and building healthier bottom lines. Here are some tips and tools to help your green efforts get growing.

Drive brings efficiency to material handling

The EC110 is a 24 Vdc RollerDrive that features a new, high performance motor and gearbox which, combined with new elastic decoupling, provides quiet and smooth operation for energy efficient conveying applications. The drive achieves a conveying speed up to 475 fpm and generates up to 37 lb-in. of continuous torque. Noise emission levels are typically less than 55 dBA. The EC110 is available with several options, including galvanized or stainless steel and various torque transmission levels for maximum efficiency.
(800) 830-9680

Extreme motor meets EPACT mandates

A new line of Extreme Duck motors is available to meet the demanding sanitation requirements of the food processing, pharmaceutical, packaging, and beverage industries. These stainless steel washdown motors meet EPACT mandates for efficiency and use a special inverter-rated insulation system (IRIS) to provide extra protection and long life. A hydro sealed system — “HS2” — protects from the outside in, by reducing points of entry for contaminants and eliminating the need for drain plugs and breathers.
Leeson Electric Corp.
(262) 377-8810

Composite material takes it easy on environment

Self-lubricating Power-Core composite materials exhibit a tension-free crystalline structure that provides exceptional stability, quiet performance, and high tensile and flexural strength. The material — an alternative to cast iron, steel, nylon, and Delrin — reduces wear, noise, vibration, maintenance, lubrication, and contamination. Power-Core parts such as gears and rollers perform well in high temperature, subzero, high moisture, high voltage, high friction, and weight-bearing applications, situations that often cause metal components to fail.
Intech Corp.
(201) 767-8066

Earth friendly cylinders save energy

A new series of electromechanical cylinders (EMCs) offers high thrust, high speed capabilities with greater flexibility and control to applications traditionally using hydraulic or pneumatic cylinders. EMCs contain a precision-rolled ballscrew actuator, providing high positioning accuracy and repeatability while eliminating stick-slip effect. These low-maintenance drives are highly efficient, reduce energy costs, and offer an environmentally friendly alternative to hydraulics. Cylinders are available in six sizes from 32 to 100, with stroke lengths to 2,000 mm.
Bosch Rexroth Corp.
(800) 322-6724

Shaft collars sport RoHS-compliant plating

Lead-free carbon steel shaft collars with RoHS-compliant yellow zinc plating are now available. The zinc plating offers high quality anticorrosive properties, yet these shaft collars are less costly than stainless steel alternatives. Parts are plated using a RoHS-compliant trivalent process instead of the non-compliant hexavalent process. Collars come in a variety of materials including 303 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel for increased corrosion resistance, aluminum, black oxide carbon steel, and engineered plastic. Bore sizes from 1/8 to 6 in. are available, and collars come in one and two-piece clamp-style designs.
Ruland Manufacturing Co.
(508) 485-1000

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