Machine Design


Smart Gripper 2.0 is designed for laboratory use and features robotic finger positioning, adjustable grip force, and requires no proprietary software or controllers. It operates with any robot controller. It is billed as the only small stepper-based gripper that works with most commercially available robots and the only programmable gripper designed exclusively for micro plate handling. Interchangeable fingers hold or carry micro plates, test tubes, and more. The gripper operates with 24-Vdc discrete signals. The user preprograms motions into the nonvolatile memory for later recall. Five discrete input lines handle up to 32 programs. A fail-safe brake system prevents dropped objects, and the driveline is a synchronous timing belt.

Applied Robotics, 648 Saratoga Rd., Glenville, NY 12302, (518) 384-1000,

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