Machine Design

Half-Inch Modem

This half-inch modem has a self-contained TTL interface with an internal data pump, modem controller, and DAA.

The modem measures 1 1 0.3 in. and operates from 40 to 85°C. Connection speeds are from 2.4 to 56 kbps downstream, and up to 48 kbps upstream as well as incorporating a 14.4 Class I FAX. In sleep mode the modem draws 18 mA of power, and only 65 mA when operational. It also supports voice playback and recording and DTMF, distinctive ring, and caller ID detection. Digital line guard prevents damage if plugged into a digital phone system. The modem will be fully RoHS compliant by the end of 2005.

Radicom Research Inc., 2148 Bering Dr., San Jose, CA 95131, (408) 383-9006,

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