Machine Design

Header Cables

HD-G4F6 cables connect Snap Pac programmable automation controllers and Snap Ethernet I/O systems to plugin, single-channel G4 digital I/O racks.

The cables measure 6 ft in length and include header connectors at each end for connecting two G4 digital I/O racks with a Snap 32-channel digital module. The cable is primarily designed for use in existing applications where G4 digital I/O points are connected to a PLC or PC via ribbon cable. Each 32-channel module-cable-G4 I/O rack combination provides 32 points of channel-tochannel isolation, 4,000-kV isolation from the field side to the control side, and an increase from 100-mA switching and sensing on Snap 32-channel I/O to 3-A switching and sensing in the G4 digital I/O line. In many cases, the latter eliminates the need to add interposing relays.

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