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Heavy-duty threadlocker - Henkel Corp.

Heavy-duty threadlocker - Henkel Corp.

Loctite 263 Threadlocker, a high-strength, single-component anaerobic threadlocker  permanently locks and seals threaded fasteners up to 1 in. in diameter to prevent loosening and leakage from shock and vibration. The high-viscosity, primerless, red threadlocker cures on lubricated and corrosion-protected fasteners without cleaning and withstands temperatures up to 360ºF and industrial fluids and solvents.
The material fixtures and cures rapidly in the absence of air between close-fitting metal surfaces, both active and passive without a primer. Localized heat and hand tools are required to disassemble fasteners treated with the product.
The threadlocker comes in 0.5-mL capsules; 10-mL tubes; and 50-mL, 250-mL, or 1-L bottles.

Henkel Corp., 1 Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (860) 571-5100,

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