Machine Design

Helical Geared Motors

Three-phase helical geared motors drive machines and all types of equipment harsh environments.

Power ratings of the BF Series are 0.075 to 50 hp with output speeds of 0.3 to 230 rpm and a torque range of 840 to 163,700 lbf-in. The motors have a highquality insulated-enameled copper-wire stator winding, an aluminum die-cast cage rotor, and high-tensile, case-hard steel gear wheels. A state-of-the-art, fully enclosedgearbox housing is vibration resistant, noise absorbent, and protects from dust, water spray, lubricant loss, and dirt buildup.

Danfoss Bauer,
31 Schoolhouse Rd., Somerset, NJ 08873,
(732) 469-8770,

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