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High-Efficiency Motor

The HP Series motor combines ac-induction motor technology with brushless permanent-magnet motor principles for a 50% reduction in frame size and weight, and an 80% savings in energy costs.

Lower stator currents generate lower losses which, in turn, reduces winding and bearing temperatures. These low temperature rises eliminate the need for a cooling fan and allow higher running speeds and extended bearing life. These performance characteristics make it suitable for continuous-duty applications while delivering constant torque.

Features of the motor include 0.75 to 2.2-kW single-phase power ratings and three-phase supply versions of 0.75 to 22-kW in both 50 and 60-Hz applications. These units are available with a built-in drive or as a stand-alone unit,

Lafert North America
5620 Kennedy Rd.
Mississauga, Ont., Canada L4Z 2A0
(800) 661-6413

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