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High-enertia servomotors - Siemens Industry Inc

The self-cooled high-enertia 1FK7-HI servomotors provide stall torque in the 3 to 20-Nm range. The motors are offered in IP64 or IP65 with IP67 flange degree of protection, with selectable options for plain or keyed shaft, holding brake, 22-bit incremental or absolute encoders, and 18 color options.

Mechanical decoupler between the motor and encoder shaft protects the encoder from mechanical vibrations. When the encoder needs to be exchanged, the device automatically aligns the encoder signal to the rotor-pole position, allowing feedbacks to be changed in the field in less than 5 min.

These servomotors feature a Drive-Cliq serial bus and electronic nameplate recognition, for virtual plug-n-play operation when paired to a Sinamics S drive platform. The units are configured to interface with Sinumerik CNC technology for machine-tool applications and the motion controller Simotion for general motion-control use.

Siemens Industry Inc., Gwinnett Corporate Center, 1745 Corporate Dr., Suite 240, Norcross, GA 30093,

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