Machine Design

High-Flow Diaphragm Pump

The T206 is a highly efficient, compact diaphragm pump available in single and twin-head versions.

The single-head unit weighs 190 gm and measures 77 30 54 mm. It delivers 6-lpm free flow and offers pressures to 20 psig and vacuums to 22 in.-Hg. The twin-head weighs 208 gm and measures 83 30 mm 76 mm. It is available with a PM-dc motor or optional BL-dc motor. The unit delivers up to 12-lpm free flow, pressures to 20 psig, and vacuum to 22-in. Hg.

Parker Life Sciences,
26 Clinton Dr., Unit 103, Hollis, NH 03049,
(603) 595-1500,

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