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High-intensity LED flood system - Henkel Corp.

The Loctite LED flood system is a self-contained, air-cooled assembly designed to cure UV/visible-cure adhesives. The system has a curing area of 100 × 100 mm at intensities of up to 600 mW/cm2, depending on the wavelength. Unlike traditional arc lamps, this system has a significantly longer life, negligible intensity decay, and no infrared emissions that overheat parts. The system’s array of individually reflectorized LEDs are optimally focused for maximum intensity at a 50 to 100-mm working distance. The cure system offers an expected life of over 20,000 hr, is designed to stack together to create an extended blanket of light, and is available in three different wavelengths — 375 or 405 nm or Indigo (visible blue) — to match the adhesive’s cure requirements.
Henkel Corp., One Henkel Way, Rocky Hill, CT 06067, (860) 571-5100, or

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