Machine Design

High-Performance Pump

The PVK open-loop, axial-piston pump provides medium to high horsepower for demanding applications.

It features a range of controls, three displacements, and multiple frame sizes. A hardened cylinder surface running on a hardened valve plate provides contamination resistance. Cylindermounted-polymer journal bearings offer long life in a compact design, and special bearings on the swashblock and saddle give consistent control reaction and eliminate troublesome yoke bearings. The features permit operation with low viscosity and other special fluids. Other highlights include sealed front-shaft bearings to permit side loading, quiet operation at typical electric-motor speeds, and SAE keyed or splined shafts. Displacements range from 8.61 to 22.4 in.3/rev, speeds are to 1,800 rpm, and maximum pressure is 5,800 psi.

The Oilgear Co., 2300 S. 51st St., Milwaukee, WI 53234, (414) 327-1700,

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