Machine Design

High-power connectors

The PowerMod HP connector family has distinct blue buttons for clear identification.

Safety features of the connectors include touch-safe female housings, integral positive latches, and cable strain relief. IP 20 rated for user safety, the connector's integral coding key provides further protection by letting users configure unique mating of up to six individual connectors. For additional reliability, an innovative cable-strain relief kit is available. The connectors are rated 125 A at a 30°C temperature rise and can be used in applications to 175 A. They accommodate wire sizes from #6 to #2 awg and metric wires from 16 to 35 mm. Ten different housings are available, including right angle, bus bar, panel mount, and blind/mate/float selections.

Anderson Power Products,
13 Pratts Junction Rd., Box 579, Sterling, MA 01564,
(978) 422-3600,

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