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Machine Design

High-Power Inlets and Outlets

High Power inlets and outlets are IP44 to IP67 rated for dust and splashing water, and can be used on equipment rated from 16 to 32 A with service at 120 to 250 Vac.

Three-pin connectors have 16 to 20-A or 30 to 32-A ratings, come in yellow or blue, and have 4 and 6-hr ground-pin positions. Four-pin devices have a 20 to 125-A range, and come in orange, blue, or red. Six, seven, and nine-pin connectors have 12-hr ground-pin position. Five-pin connectors handle 20 to 125 A, and come in blue or red with 6 and 9-hr ground-pin position. They can all be panel or cable mounted.

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Oskaloosa, IA 52577,
(800) 662-2290,

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