Machine Design

High-Speed Camera

The GigaView high-speed camera system, designed for troubleshooting production lines, now streams high-resolution digital video to hard disk for over 8 hr through its Gigabit Ethernet interface.

The dual-use system, with burst and continuous modes, reduces the time required to realize time on investment. Its troubleshooting mode records 1,280 × 1,024 images at 530 fps to onboard memory for up to 30 sec. The continuous-mode records 640 × 480 images at 250 fps for up to 8 hr to record momentary disruptions, external interference, or equipment failures. By bursting to onboard memory while in streaming mode, GigaView can perform both tasks. The system features imaged-cured triggering, memory-sector recording, 10-bit grayscale, and autoexposure.

Southern Vision Systems Inc.,
8215 Madison Blvd., Suite 150, Madison, AL 35758,
(256) 461-7143,

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