Machine Design

High Temperature Ceramic Adhesive

Ceramabond 671 is a single part, aluminum oxide-based adhesive and coating.


It is used to bond high-temperature thermocouple housings used in furnaces, boiler, and stack applications to 3,200°F (1,760°C). Physical properties of the water-dispersible adhesive include a 24-lb-ft torque strength, 250 V/mil dielectric strength at room temperature, and a coefficient of thermal expansion of 4.1 x 106 in./in./°F. Other applications include assembly and electrical isolation of high-temperature sensors, instrumentation, and resistive heating elements. The adhesive comes in pint, quart, gallon, and 5-gallon pails.

Aremco Products Inc., Box 517, 707-B Executive Blvd., Valley Cottage, NY 10989, (845) 268-0039,

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