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Machine Design

High-Temperature Measurement Probe

Constructed of mineral-insulated cable and nickel-chrome sheathing, the Super Omegaclad XL thermocouple probe is designed for use in extreme heat or corrosive environments.

The corrosion-resistant sheath lets the probes withstand extended exposure to temperatures of 1,335°C in air or combustion gases without drift. The sheath resists corrosion in chlorine-contaminated, oxidizing, or ammonia-rich/nitride-rich environments. The probes come in thermocouple Types K and N in diameters ranging from 1 /16 to 3 /8 in. and lengths of 6 and 12 in.

Omega Engineering Inc., One Omega Dr., Box 4047, Stamford, CT 06907, (800) 848-4286,

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