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High-temperature polyimides - Ensinger Inc.

 Tecasint 1000, a sintering material introduced 20 years ago under the name Sintimid, is a high-temperature polyimide. The line is expanding to include the Tecasint 2000, 5000, and 8000 Series.
The Tecasint 2000 Series are rigid and hard materials that exhibit a high Young’s modulus, improved thermal stability and sliding friction characteristics, and reduced moisture absorption. Tecasint 2000 can be machined with precision due to its toughness.
The Tecasint 5000 Series is a nonthermoplastic-processible high-temperature polyamide-imide. It is suitable for applications in semiconductor manufacturing.
The Tecasint 8000 Series is suitable for sliding friction applications.
Semifinished products and direct-formed parts made from Tecasint have long-term thermal stability, –270 to 300°C operating range (can withstand short-term heating to 350°C without melting or softening), and strength, dimensional stability, and creep resistance in continuous use.
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