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Hinge maker "scales up" production

Super Count scales from Setra Systems Inc., are available in capacities from 1,000 to 50,000 gm (2.2 to 110 lb). A selectable accuracy range of 95 to 99.99% permits the scale to distinguish incremental weights as small as 0.0002% of capacity. For example, with a sufficient sample size and uniform parts, scales can count 1 million pieces with an accuracy of +/-2 pieces. Supervisory controls prompt the operator to load a required number of items for the selected accuracy.

New multifunction electronic scales let a maker of hinges and hardware quickly and accurately weigh and count products during manufacture and assembly at rates to 30,000 pieces/day. Super Count scales from Setra Systems Inc., Boxborough, Mass., feature a bar-code reader and an onboard database. The database catalogs average piece weight and container weight for 256 separate items. Transactions can be time and date stamped for transmission to a computer or printer.

The hinge maker, Terry Hinge & Hardware Van Nuys, Calif., recently deployed 14 of the scales throughout its plant for controlling inventory and filling orders. "The shipping department already used scales for weighing and counting, but everywhere else in the plant, we'd count parts manually," says Dan Woodward, project supervisor at Terry Hinge. "The operation was error prone, tedious, and impeded work flow. Assembled parts would be boxed and sent to the shipping department without knowing counts."

Now, boxed parts coming from the assembly department arrive with bar-code labels showing accurate counts and identification. The scales, as well as some other changes to the assembly area, are expected to boost productivity at the plant by 60%, says Woodward.


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