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Hinge pins for PC-board card locks and ejector clips - Spirol International Corp.

The high-performance Series 880 Coiled Spring Pin is designed for PC-board card locks and ejector clips. The pin uses a special spiral spring concept and its combination of strength and flexibility let manufacturers and assemblers of PC-board card locks and ejector clips maximize hinge performance. The hinge features low insertion force and compression of the pin during and after installation, and its radial spring force results in controlled hinge movement that remains consistent throughout the life of the assembly.
Manufactured from corrosion-resistant austenitic stainless steel with an oil-free finish, the pin is compatible with any type of plastic handle. Its construction makes it suitable for manual or automatic installation.
Spirol International Corp., 30 Rock Ave., Danielson, CT 06239, (860) 774-8571,

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