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Machine Design

How To Put"People" Into Models

V5 human-modeling software creates, validates, and simulates accurate user-defined digital human manikins, letting users consider human factors issues early in the product life cycle.

Delmia V5 human-modeling software simulates userdefined digital human manikins, so users can optimize the relationship between workers and the products they interact with.

Human interaction and worker-process analysis helps them optimize relationships between workers and products they manufacture, install, operate, and maintain. With V5 Human Task Simulation and Human Builder solutions, worker activities can be created, simulated, and analyzed through a range of advanced ergonomics-analysis tools that evaluate all elements of human interaction with a workcell. "Workers" perform all movements and activities associated with workcell tasks, such as walking, picking up and operating tools, tracking an assembly line, and performing installation/assembly tasks.

Delmia Corp.
900 N. Squirrel Rd., Suite 100
Auburn Hills, MI 48226
(248) 267-9696

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