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Machine Design

How small can you go?

A 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder...

The AS5040 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder integrated circuit measures 5.3 x 6.2 mm and can measure rotational speeds to 10,000 rpm with incremental outputs.

A 10-bit magnetic rotary encoder from austriamicrosystems, Raleigh, N.C. (, fits in a package less than 35 mm2. It combines magneticfieldsensing Hall-effect elements with an analog front-end and digital signal processing.

The AS5040 is a noncontact encoder system that uses a small, diametrically magnetized magnet above or below the chip to detect 1,024 positions through 360°. It provides absolute, incremental, and PWM digital output signals simultaneously. Incremental output modes include quadrature A/B, single channel, and U-V-W commutation signals. A user-programmable index/zero position measures rotational speed. An SSI port provides absolute position data. It can be custom configured by programming an on-board, one-time-programmable internal register.

Units measure 5.33 x 6.2 mm in an SSOP-16 package and have an operating temperature range from -40 to 125°C. An internal voltage regulator lets units operate at either 3.3 or 5 V. The small size and wide temperature range make it suitable for harsh environments. Automotive and industrial applications include motion control for brushless motors, robotics, and steering and sensing in vehicles.

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