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Hybrid bearings for wind-turbine generators - SKF USA Inc

XL hybrid bearings are designed specifically for wind-turbine generators. Engineered to provide insulation against electric currents, they virtually eliminate the risk of premature bearing failures. The bearings also maximize lubricant effectiveness for long-term performance — even under poor lubrication conditions.
The bearing’s deep-groove design integrates bearing steel rings and bearing-grade silicon nitride (ceramic) rolling elements, making them lighter, harder, less dense, and more durable than all-steel bearing counterparts.

Benefits include higher reliability and increased sustainability, reduced life-cycle and operation costs, reduced maintenance, and the capability to upgrade into existing wind-turbine design envelopes without the need for redesign.

SKF USA Inc., 890 Forty Foot Rd., Box 352, Lansdale, PA 19446, (800) 440-4753,

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