Machine Design

Hydraulic Brake Systems With ABS

Full-power hydraulic brake systems with hydraulic ABS (HABS) provide shorter stopping distance with improved stability and control.

The system is designed to handle eight channels or less of HABS control. The antilock brake system uses speed sensors to monitor each wheel, ABS electronic control unit to send current to the ABS valves when wheel slip occurs, electrohydraulic ABS valves to proportionally control pressure at the brakes, and pressure transducers and software algorithms for diagnostics. Keyed power or ABS on-and-off switch signals are typical. Outputs to drive the stop lamps, lowtraction and brake-warning indicator lights can be added. Other inputs and outputs can be custom designed including CAN communications based on SAE J1939, ISO 11783, or other protocols.

The ABS controller was developed for use in the harsh environment of mobile equipment. All inputs and outputs have been protected against shorts or overvoltage and have built-in diagnostics. The aluminum housing provides IP65 protection.

MICO Inc., 1911 Lee Blvd., North Mankato, MN 56003, (507) 625-6426,

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