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IEC Terminal Blocks

The full line of IEC terminal blocks now come in wider varieties to meet requirements of applicable UL, CSA, and IEC standards.

The terminal blocks are also available in many different specialty blocks, including ground, multilevel, sensor, multiconductor, fuse holder, and disconnect. The multilevel terminal blocks connect three-wire sensor installations while the fuse-holder terminal blocks are designed to handle IEC and North American control-circuit fuses. Up to eight different colored terminal blocks provide easy circuit identification. Blank, standard, or custom markers are available from 5 to 20-mm wide, along with plotter systems and accessories to create your own markers. Screw-clamp terminal connections are available from 20 to 232 A while spring clamps range from 20 to 50 A. Miniature panel mounts are also available from 20 to 35 A in both spring and screw clamp.

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