Machine Design

Image Acquisition for PCI Express

The NI PCIe-1429 is the first image-acquisition board to be based on the recently finalized PCI Express connection standard.

It targets demanding imaging applications such as synchronized data and image acquisition, fault analysis and advanced motion tracking. Each board includes one trigger line and two Camera Link connectors to support any base, medium, or full-configuration Camera Link camera. Additional I/O lines for advanced triggering, pulse-train outputs, and isolated digital I/O also are available. The board's four-lane PCI Express configuration permits acquisition at the full Camera Link bandwidth of 680 Mbytes/sec. In addition, other data-acquisition measurements can synchronize with each acquired image to analyze activities frame by frame in data-intensive applications such as crash tests. Engineers can use the board to perform fault analysis by setting up a stop trigger to record images before and after an event.

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