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Machine Design

Impact Riveter

Model 216 manual impact riveter is suitable for pilot runs, intermittent assembly jobs, and as a backup or rework riveter.

Optional rivet-holding jaws assist in accurate fastener positioning prior to assembly. Weighing just 23 lb, the Model 216 packs up to 2 tons of rivet-setting force — transmitted via the same toggle mechanism used in larger automatic riveters. Rivet capacity is 0.187 diameter X 1.0-in.long semitubular mild steel. Machine dimensions are 4-in. wide, 8-in. long, and 14-in. high, with 1.25-in. stroke and 6-in. throat depth. Standard tooling includes a rollset and driver. Custom arm lengths and tooling options are available.

Milford Fastening Systems, The Orbitform Group, 1600 Executive Dr., Jackson, MI 49203, (800) 816-9661,

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