Machine Design

Improvement All Around for FEA

Ansys 9.0 gets a range of improvements, such as in multiphysics with coupled fields that includes thermoelectric effects critical to electronics cooling.

Spot-weld locations in Ansys 9.0 are now independent of nodes on the surfaces to be welded.

High-frequency ( fullwave) electromagnetics addresses simulation needs in HF markets. Rubber materials are modeled more accurately with hyperelastic material models. Thermal-radiation analysis now calculates radiation view factors for large models. Radiation enhancements offer a method to turn the underlying thermal mesh into a coarser radiation mesh for view-factor calculations and analysis. And planar and cyclic symmetry models for thermal-radiation calculations reduce the solution time for radiation calculations in thermal analysis.

Ansys Inc.,
275 Technology Dr.,
Canonsburg, PA 15317,
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