Machine Design

Inductive Loop Detectors

The LDP inductive loop detector targets vehicle door and gate control, operating barriers, parking management, vehicle counting, and card-dispenser applications.

The detector comes in both single and dual-loop versions with separate outputs for each loop. Single-loop versions have two outputs, one pulse and the other presence. Outputs in the dual-loop system are configurable for either pulse or presence output. A sensitivity boost option detects high-bed vehicles. Both single and dual-loop units set up via pushbutton and dip switches. Calibration is automatic with an on-delay to avoid false detection of small or fast-moving objects. Multiple loops frequencies prevent crosstalk among adjacent loops. All models are available in 24 Vac or dc, and 115 or 230 Vac and are UL and CSA approved and CE marked.

Carlo Gavazzi, 750 Hastings Lane, Buffalo Grove, IL 60089, (847) 465-6100,

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