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Motion System Design

Industrial Ethernet Roundtable

In growing numbers, designers are facing the challenge of evaluating Ethernet as a communication interface for their next product or project. Although Ethernet is a mature technology, many engineers need to learn more about it and find out what their options are. For these and for others who may just have questions, Motion System Design, in conjunction with Machine Design magazine, will host the Industrial Ethernet Roundtable to provide the answers in an interactive, web-based meeting.

The event will be hosted by editor Larry Berardinis on May 18th, 2005 at 2 p.m. East Coast Time. The Industrial Ethernet Roundtable will include a panel of engineers from Digi International, Beckhoff Automation and Opto 22, who will present data, answer questions, and explain what Ethernet can do.

To make sure the event focuses on what's most important, attendees will create the agenda by indicating what they want to learn when they register at or

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