Motion System Design

Inside out

Usually a motor's rotor is on the inside and usually that's okay — except when power density is an issue. This being the case in a new line of motors, the magnetic rings are on the outside for high speeds and accelerations. With the rotor designed into the motor's outer piece, the effective gap diameter between the magnet and the coil is allowed to be much larger, generating higher torque in the same envelope.


On display: RI and RE-Series motors

Key features: Rotor and magnetic rings are on the outer shell rather than inside.

What it means to you: Peak torques to 10,000 Nm, detent forces as low as 0.1 to 0.3% of the peak value

What else: 20 design variants available; encapsulated cooling system integrated into the stator or core; suitable for machine tool and grinding machine applications.

Innovator: LAT of the Schaeffler group's INA

For more info: Call (803)5488500 or visit

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