Machine Design

Insulation displacement key to terminal block connection

Terminal blocks with screw or spring-clamp wiring connections can be difficult and time consuming to hook up. A new DIN-rail mountable terminal block system, Terminator from ASI, Carlisle, Pa., uses insulation displacement connections to eliminate wire stripping, ferrules, screws, and clamps, and reduce installation time by 80%. A simple tool inserts wires into a block's terminal slot. The contacts dig into the insulation, making a solid, reliable contact. Contact angles are 45° to the wire, thereby reducing stress. The block supports the wire at four points to provide vibration isolation. Technicians can see contact is made by looking down on the block, so the systems are easy to check for miswiring.

The Terminator uses 3 and 10 position blocks that eliminate end covers. Blocks, which can be through or disconnect modules, handle wires ranging from 22 to 14 awg. The system is UL rated at 17.5 A and 450 V.

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