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Machine Design

Integrated Drive, Motor

A NEMA-17 Size has been added to the Integral E Series integrated drive and steppermotor-product line.

Suited for space-constrained, lifescience applications, the new IE17 reportedly simplifies connectivity issues and saves cabinet space by bundling an industrially hardened stepper drive into a standard two-phase, 1.8° NEMA-17 motor. An optional incremental encoder combines a motor, drive, and encoder into one package. Operating on 12 to 24 Vdc, the IE17 delivers up to 85 oz-in. of torque with selectable resolutions up to 1,600 steps/rev.

Parker Hannifin, Parker Life Sciences, 26 Clinton Dr., Unit 103, Hollis, NH 03049, (603) 595-1500,

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