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Machine Design

Intelligent Valve Module

The GEN2 System provides independent control of multiple sequential operations. Instead of a central computer, the GEN2 valve module contains its own onboard programmed logic.

Each module can communicate directly with other modules, both upstream and downstream, and make independent decisions based on program instructions. The GEN2 can reduce costs and improve productivity, and a quick-connect design speeds installation. Simple menu-driven programming lets users select a range of options and configure the system. While it functions without a central computer, it can connect to a LAN and provide status and diagnostic information. The system was designed for pneumatically powered accumulation conveyors but is suited for nonpneumatic conveyor systems, as well as sequential and proportional-control applications.

Humphrey Products Co., Box 2008, Kalamazoo, MI 49003, (269) 381-5500,

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