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Motion System Design
Internet Resources

Internet Resources

New cable website

The redesigned site at delivers new engineering content related to the application of wire, industrial cables, and connectors. In addition, it includes product selector tools, e-learning modules, a technical data resource center, and more.

The online base of Lapp Group, Florham Park, N.J., the site also offers application tips and educational videos. “The site was redesigned with the needs of our North American users in mind,” says Rob Conway. “Moreover, our emphasis on delivering pertinent, regularly updated content ensures is a destination web site for our customers and the engineering community at large.”

Like us at for immediate dialogue on engineering in the news and in your community. Also keep us up to date on your latest design challenges or successes there.

Also connect with us at

Online modular component assembler

The Modular Assembler Website at provides fast design of common component combinations. This site groups parts and offers them in modules, to reduce effort spent selecting mechanical component sets. About 46 modules are currently available for use in rotary/linear motion, positioning/detecting, retention, and connection applications.

Download free eBooks

If you're familiar with our Brushing Up series, then you'll be happy to know that we've expanded that department to a full library of online eBooks, at your disposal in the form of PDF documents. The latest chapter covers Magnets and Electromagnetism … including an entertaining review of magnetism and its discovery, the Father of Magnetism William Gilbert, practical applications in specialty magnetic slurries and wire, plus a fascinating tour of visible electromagnetic radiation — light. Download the free PDF at for a beautifully illustrated refresher on subtopics that all of us engineering types are “supposed” to know.

You will not be required to register to download any of the eBooks.

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