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Motion System Design

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Buy engineered linear motion — online

Tabbed navigation, access to 24-hour prototype ordering, configurable 2D drawings, and 3D CAD model downloads are all part of the Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc. website at A Buy Online feature allows access to a wide range of standard off-the-shelf products for 24-hour shipping — useful for quick prototyping. A 2D/3D Model Downloads feature allows designers to configure a part using multiple parameters including stroke length, screw lead, motor step angle, operating voltage, and other technical specifications. Once configured, the file can be downloaded in various 3D file formats or a 2D dimensioned outline drawing.

  • Making full use of the Add to Cart feature for online purchasing requires registration.

New webstore for actuators + more

A new webstore at makes it easier to find products.

Guided navigation facilitates product selection and support material, including data sheets, 3D CAD files, and other resources. Regular updates and better access to account information are also new.

  • The Norgren site is open until orders are placed; then registration is required.

Bellows, electroform, couplings site

The new online home of Servometer at details electrodeposited bellows, precision electroforms, flexible shaft couplings, and gold-plated electrical contacts. It also offers a step-by-step explanation of electroforming technology. Visitors can use product pages to help in their designs. The electrodeposited bellows page discusses advantages of the technology, typical design factors, and outlines for connections.

  • Application Notes and white papers are organized by industry to help provide inspiration and information. Each product page and Application Note has a contact form available for prompt engineering support.

Online design form for edge-welded-bellows

A design form from BellowTech LLC is now available online, to help engineers with the complex task of edge-welded-bellows design. This online form explains all of the involved variables (including outside diameter, inside diameter, spring rate, pressure range, and temperature range) and then gives users the opportunity to fill in the information for their own application. The form also defines each field, so users understand why each variable is critical. Two form options are available: an HTML webpage for design submission, and a downloadable interactive PDF file. Visit

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