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Motion System Design
Internet Resources

Internet Resources

Get the latest linear-motion news

Connect with linear-component manufacturer Rollon Corp. at for interesting tidbits and fascinating application stories. The company also feeds data through — so Like that page if you're on Facebook and want keep up to date on some very cool engineering news.

Optics website — for research and purchasing

Navitar optics are used in a number of different industries, and now the manufacturer's new website offers user-friendly navigation and added functionality to facilitate quick, efficient searches — at Refer to a new Applications section to learn about recent designs; check out the Products section for specifications, system diagrams, and drawings.

The website requires registration for full access to quantitative data; Dealers or Master Dealers are asked to contact Navitar directly to create a profile. No matter the account type, adding products to a cart or viewing price lists is easier than before.

eBook for iPad, Kindle, Nook, and other eReaders

Bosch Rexroth announces a new informational tool for engineers and OEM project managers on the go: The Rexroth GoTo eBook is optimized for iPad, and combines all current Focused Delivery Program catalogs into a digital format, with added features such as embedded videos, white papers, and links to online resources. Covered technologies include electric drives and controls, hydraulics, pneumatics, linear motion, and aluminum structural framing.

The eBook requires no registration: Visit to download.

iPad app for cute way to visualize Pi, limits, functions

Download Maple Player (developed by Maplesoft) through iTunes App Store for a fun and free interactive tool. We MSD editors have downloaded it and can report that the fairly narrowly focused but thorough functions allow easy experimentation through sliders, click buttons, and entry fields. Output is graphical, so even students can develop an intuitive understanding of several mathematical relationships.

Download free eBooks

You'll be happy to know that we've once again expanded the Brushing Up library of online eBooks. Download the free PDFs at for beautifully illustrated refreshers on subtopics that all of us engineering types are supposed to know.

You will not be required to register.

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