Motion System Design

Internet resources

Two-minute technical videos

Videos at present solutions to common motion and I/O problems. Currently available videos show how to achieve smooth multi-axis motion through arbitrary points and introduce the RIO Pocket PLC — and commonly used features of Galil's Accelera Series motion controllers. Upcoming videos will provide more how-to motion explanations and demonstrations.

The site is open and hosted by Galil Motion Control.

Newly updated site

Online prototype ordering

Prototype parts are available for 24-hour shipment from Haydon Kerk Motion Solutions Inc. — useful for testing application specifics. Order hybrid and canstack actuators, leadscrew assemblies, rails, ScrewRail actuators, and drives. requires registration.

iPhone efficiency tool

Emerson Industrial Automation offers a Browning V-Belt efficiency calculator iPhone application at It allows users to calculate projected energy savings when upgrading from a wrapped V-belt to a notched V-belt. By entering key usage data points including geographic location, motor horsepower and days/hours per week, users have the ability to calculate energy savings on-site.

The application is also available (after registering) through iTunes: Search for Browning V-belt.

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