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The new site provides information from LINAK U.S. about linear actuators for applications in several industries. Whether an engineer is designing heavy machinery and equipment, a sophisticated sit-stand desk, or an intelligent hospital bed, the site quickly points visitors in the right direction. Improved navigation and usability serves both technically minded visitors and users with general interest in intelligently controlled motion.

The open site focuses on innovation to improve working environments; highlights include 3D files of all products and copies of all data sheets, brochures, and user manuals in both PDF and online magazine versions. In addition, animations demonstrate the versatility of electric linear actuator solutions.

Optimizing assembly with mouse clicks

Imagine you're studying construction plans and reconsidering the specification of some assembly equipment. For production startup, a process-safe manual workstation will do — but increasing production volume necessitates automated assembly. The new U.S. DEPRAG website at is designed to be a troubleshooting resource for this stage of design, to help engineers avoid hours of Googling for information on machine builder specifications.

The open site is subdivided into screwdriving technology and automation, air motors, industrial tools, and green energy.

Thought-provoking site on U.S. engineering

The Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) is the world's largest technical professional association, and now the host of This site raises awareness about the need for innovation in the U.S. and the critical role engineers play in finding new solutions to pressing issues. Read discussion topics and bylined articles from IEEE Fellows Norm Augustine, Sophie Vandebroek, Vinton Cerf, and John Cioffi, leading members of the engineering field and pioneers of technology.

The small site features a video titled, IEEE Solutionists — Engineers, Exciting a New Generation of What If. Both this video and articles encourage viewers to reconsider what they know about innovation and the value of engineers in modern times.

ISA interchange blog and social-media links

The International Society of Automation (ISA) has launched a social media site, ISA Interchange, at This educational news-and-blog site allows automation professionals to find relevant technical knowledge, engage with each other for information sharing and problem solving, and network professionally. ISA Interchange integrates onsite commenting and has links for sharing via email and through Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flicker, LinkedIn, and more.

Visitors to the open site will find searchable and continually updated technical articles, news, blogs, and streaming video. After logging into one of the plug-ins, visitors can also post comments and start conversations, with others in automation.

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