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Motion System Design

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Free and public eLearning on automation

Omron Industrial Automation is expanding its eLearning education portal at to include 10 introductory courses in eight different languages. The courses cover topics such as introduction to factory automation, general-purpose relays, photoelectric sensors, and proximity sensors.

“By creating open online courses that cover the same content globally, we are providing the opportunity for anyone to experience anytime, anywhere automation education — at their own speed and convenience,” says Peter McEneaney, eLearning executive manager at Omron Industrial.

Collaborative platform

oneLabSpace is a new cloud-based platform designed to simplify collaboration in the scientific and engineering community — between laboratories operated by private manufacturing companies, federal and state agencies, universities, and biotech firms. It's detailed at

“It is the adoption of technologies in current laboratory systems that poses the greatest challenge,” says oneLabSpace founder Suhas Sharma. “oneLabSpace eliminates paperwork, increases IT efficiency, and allows scientists to focus on science.” Benefits include a large codebase of proven modules for integration; an intuitive user interface; a cloud-based SaaS delivery model; and rapid deployment. The platform also offers open integration with third-party statistical, custom, and legacy laboratory systems.

Online energy savings estimator

The Drive Technologies division of Siemens Industry Inc. now offers a new service at — a user-friendly tool that gives designers using drives, motors, couplings, and gearboxes the ability to estimate potential energy savings across drive trains.

The ungated Estimator only requires endusers to drag-and-drop the icon for the application into an active box, and then submit existing data points, including horsepower, motor speeds, and the gearbox's reduction stages.

New source to follow on Twitter

Precision Manufacturing Group is now on Twitter to keep engineers up to date on news and information from Servometer ( and BellowsTech ( Distributed information includes trade-show announcements, press releases, application notes, and white papers. Followers can also look forward to photo and video updates.

Login to your Twitter account and follow Precision Manufacturing Group at

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