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Machine Design

Inventor 10 packs in more punch

Autodesk Inventor 10 introduces a range of comprehensive design features, such as wizards for designing weldments.

Design Accelerators in Inventor 10 go beyond sketching and constraints to speed design by working with parts based on mechanical relationships, rather than geometric descriptions.

This makes it easy to model welds in 3D and simulate weld preparation, welding, and postweld operations. The software minimizes errors by generating and maintaining a consistent BOM across assemblies, drawings, and presentations. Streamlined Placement of Holes creates holes, hole notes, and hole tables that update as the model changes. Inventor and Autocad Mechanical work better together through associative 2D and 3D collaboration.

Autodesk Inc., 111 McInnis Pkwy., San Rafael, CA 94903, (800) 435-7771,

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